Greyface is an open source web interface to SQLGrey, a greylisting policy daemon for the Postfix MTA. It allows viewing and manipulating of the live greylisting data through an easy-to-use interface, and also supports submission of greylisting data. This AJAX based web interface also enables you to edit white- and blacklist data.

Greyface's user management allows you to assign multiple email accounts to a user and limits their view to the assign emails. This guaranties highest privacy protection. The role management knows admins and users. An admin has access to the whitelist, blacklist, greylist, and user management. A user can only see the greylist and has the opportunity to put an entry of the greylist into the whitelist.

But the most important feature is that users are able to wave an important email through the greylisting immediately.

Supported Browser

  • Mozilla Firefox > 3.0
  • Opera > 10
  • Internet Explorer > 7 & 8
  • Chrome > 7


  • Unzip the downloaded file into your document root.
  • Copy local_config_template.php to local_config.php
    # cp local_config_template.php local_config.php
  • Open local_config.php in an editor and configure your database connection.
  • Add 2 tables to your greyface database.@see sqlgrey.sql
    # mysql sqlgrey < greyface/db/mysql_create.sql
    # mysql sqlgrey < greyface/db/mysql_init.sql
For further information look into the README file.


Look into the README file which you can find in the downloaded archive.